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Tourist attractions

La Casa Colonica is the perfect place for you to regenerate, surrounded by nature and sipping a glass of our locally produced wine.


Besides offering relax and quiet, La Casa Colonica allows you to stay in a strategic position, just a short distance from some of the most beautiful places between Tuscany and Umbria.


Located at just a few kilometres away from La Casa Colonica, Lake Trasimeno is the biggest lake in Central Italy, and the fourth biggest lake in the whole peninsula. There are three islands in the lake (Polvese, Maggiore and Minore), but only Maggiore is inhabited. A ferry service from Tuoro sul Trasimeno, Passignano sul Trasimeno and Castiglione del Lago will give you the opportunity to visit the three of them.

vista del lago trasimeno

You don’t want to miss the small towns that are located on the shores of the lake, such as Castiglione del lago, Passignano sul Trasimeno, Tuoro sul Trasimeno, Città della Pieve and Magione.

These are magical places that are known not only for their ancient history, but also for their culture, peacefulness and relax.

Driving in the direction of Tuscany, you will find Arezzo, a small city full of culture and history.

It is well known for the early renaissance frescos by Piero della Francesca, inside the Basilica of San Francesco, and also for the wooden Crucifix by Cimabue, in the Church of San Domenico. Arezzo is also home to great artists like Francesco Petrarca, Giorgio Vasari, Guido d’Arezzo…this is a city that is definitely not lacking in works of art!

The historic centre is located up a hill and is surrounded by medieval walls. By walking up Corso Italia, you can easily reach Piazza San Francesco and Piazza Grande, which is famous for the Loggia designed by Vasari, the Cathedral, the medieval jousting fest known as The Saracen, and the Fortress, which has been renovated and often hosts artistic exhibitions.

Veduta dall'alto di Arezzo

Closer to La Casa Colonica, you can visit Cortona, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. Like many other towns in the area, Cortona dates back to Etruscan times and boasts historical treasures despite its small size.


A truly romantic place. While strolling through the streets, you will feel like diving into the past and you will get passionate about its history. Cortona can really be thought of as a rare pearl!


Once you cross the border, you’ll find yourself in Umbria, a region full of beautiful places to visit.


Among these, Perugia, the capital city, should be on your top list. Something that makes this city special is the double walls : it is surrounded by Etruscan walls which are in turn surrounded by Medieval walls! The points of interest in the historic centre of Perugia are the Fontana Maggiore, that is also the point where the medieval aqueduct ends, the Etruscan arc, which is the only part of the Etruscan wall that has remained intact, the Medieval Aqueduct, a part of which is visible, the Etruscan Well and several churches, where famous artists like Raffaello and Perugino worked.  

Another destination you don’t want to miss is Gubbio. This town is located in a privileged position, surrounded by the green mountains of the Umbria-Marche Apennines. It is also very rich in history and culture.

The historic centre is an extraordinary example of the beautiful and appealing medieval architecture. There are several markets and fairs, but also artistic and historical exhibitions. It is worth mentioning the Gubbio Express, a train that will drive you through the streets of Gubbio and its 3000 years of history.  


A few kilometres away from Perugia, there is the beautiful town of Assisi, which was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. Its Roman origins can be seen in some remains of that era, i.e. the Temple of Minerva, the amphitheatre, the city walls and the forum.

But Assisi is known internationally, above all in the catholic world, because it is the birthplace of St, Francis. Born in 1182, he was proclaimed Saint just two years after his death, in 1228.

There are several churches and sacred buildings all around the city, and they all contain famous works of art by world-renown artists like Cimabue and Giotto. 

Gubbio, paesino umbro nei dintorni della casa colonica

What is great about visiting these places is that you can always put together culture and nature, because these towns are always surrounded by uncontaminated landscapes.

There are actually a lot of outdoor activities you can do near La Casa Colonica, such as excursions, trekking and birdwatching. If you are fond of mountain bikes, then the bike trails all around Lake Trasimeno are the perfect choice for you, and you will enjoy views of the lake that you can’t have from your car. 

The most beautiful excursions in the area are the ones that will bring you to the most charming castles overlooking Lake Trasimeno. Among these we have the Rocca del Leone, the Zocco castle, the Torre dei Lambardi and the Polvese Island castle.

There are also lots of trekking trails for mountain biking. You can find more info at the following link.

One of the best medieval festivals that you should check out is the Palio dei Terzieri, held in Città della Pieve on the Sunday following the 15th of August. Each Terziere of the town (Borgo Dentro, Casalino and Castello) has three participants to the Palio. The targets are three silhouettes of chianina oxen mounted on a carousel. Whichever Terziere makes the most and most accurate hits, wins the Palio. Before the Palio itself, there is the parade in historical costumes with around 800 participants. It is something you really can’t miss!

It is not over yet! In fact, here we also have the right places for shopping lovers! The outlet village at Foiano della Chiana is no doubt worth mentioning, and it is just 20 minutes’ drive from La Casa Colonica. On the other hand, Perugia hosts the Collestrada shopping centre.

At La Casa Colonica you can find lots of things to do and magical places to visit… and, if you think holiday means pleasant idleness, you are exactly in the right place! Here you are going to find the peace and quiet you are longing for.

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