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Magic words: wine and relax!

We are ready to welcome you into an Umbria farmhouse from ‘800s located in Vernazzano, a few steps away from Lake Trasimeno. On an area of 4.000 sqm we have 9 apartments, a single house, two swimming pools, a farm with animals and lots of greenery. When the weather is nice, you can sit outdoors and taste our wines by Stefania Mezzetti.

The Mezzetti family bought this building at the end of 1990s to start the family business that we know today. In the Vernazzano farm, we produce wine and oil that you can buy on our online shop. Thanks to Lake Trasimeno nearby, the soil in this area is sandy and medium textured, and is rich in sandstone. 

La Casa Colonica attracts many tourists, not only for the good wine but also for the history of the area and the archaeological artifacts that were dug up here. In 217 B.C., during the Second Punic War, this land was home to the battle of Trasimeno, that saw Hannibal fight against Gaius Flaminius Nepos. In fact, in Tuoro del Trasimeno, you can visit The Hannibal Trail which includes 13 themed stations that give tourists historical, military, geographical and archaeological insights into the detail of the battle.  

aperitivo alla casa colonica

La Casa Colonica is not only a place for history lovers, but also a great attraction for adults and children alike, as we have lots of farm animals. For those who love horse riding, we encourage you to go on a trail ride at sunset, on the lake shore. It is absolutely spectacular!

 However, we have a lot more to offer both to our guests and to those who want to spend a day out with family or friends.

During the Summer, you can spend your day at our swimming pool and taste our wines with some typical Tuscan cheeses and charcuterie. For food lovers, we also organize cooking classes: courses where you can learn how to cook traditional recipes from Tuscany or Umbria!


 After eating and drinking you need exercise, don’t you? 


 At La Casa Colonica, we’ve got you covered:

We have courses of scuba diving in the pool and fitness twice a week, and these are open to the public (upon reservation). You can take fitness classes outdoor with our trainer, or you can immerse yourself in the world of scuba diving and learn to breathe underwater and how to use the underwater equipment!

The green area that surrounds the farmhouse is also perfect to host your Yoga or Pilates retreat. You can plan a few days away with your students, or organize a training course in an atmosphere of total wellbeing and harmony with nature.

The farmhouse, comprising of several apartments, can host up to 40 people. It is therefore the ideal place to host your event, either with a limited number of people, or with a big group.


La Casa Colonica is also a great location for business meetings : you and your colleagues will have the opportunity of staying in a place that gives you the peace and concentration you need to work on your projects. After work, you can wander in the surrounding park, enjoy our wines and avail of an outdoor barbecue for your dinner.  

you will feel at home

meet our team

stefania mezzetti, la proprietaria

Stefania Mezzetti


Stefania Mezzetti is the owner of La Casa Colonica. She is ready to greet you with her welcoming and friendly personality. Always mindful of her guests’ needs, she loves taking a break in their company, sipping a glass of wine and telling them the history of her company and her wines.

nicola sportoletti, sommelier

nicola sportoletti


Nicola Sportoletti is the sommelier of Vini Mezzetti. He has been Stefania’s friend for a long time, and he is so passionate about his work that he plans on becoming an oenologist as well. At La Casa Colonica, he is in charge of the wine tasting experience, the cooking classes and the dinners with clients.